Tips And Tactics For Success

Here are a few tips and tactics that will help you find success when using the Ultimate Predator Calls app.

  1. Have your shooting lane downwind or crosswind! Predators like to use the wind to see what is making all that noise.
  2. Start off quietly on the volume and as the set progresses, increase volume to extend the sound further out. You don’t want to blow animals out by making a lot of noise right away.
  3. Use brush or stumps to break up your outline when calling.
  4. Remain as still as possible, predators pick up on movement quickly.
  5. Hunt with a buddy, two sets of eyes are better than one.
  6. Be ready, because things can happen very quickly!
  7. Always be sure of your target and beyond.
  8. Be patient when hunting bear or cougar to ensure no cubs are present.