About Ultimate Predator Calls

The Ultimate Predator Calls App (available for iOS and Android) contains predator calling sets, recorded by the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Black Bear Hunting” and “No Bait Just Bears”, Douglas Boze. All of the calls on the app are original and unique, making the sounds on the app stand out from other predator calling apps and e-callers available. These sounds have been recorded using the very same method that has allowed Douglas to call in bear, bobcat, elk, deer and coyotes time and time again, some as close as the end of a gun barrel.

With 12 initial calls available, success is but a button press away. There is a loop button that repeats the set, allowing you to remain motionless and the sound to play continuously. The call is designed to continue to play even if the phone goes to sleep or is locked, even if a call comes in! Additionally, there are custom backgrounds and picture icons for ease of use and style.

Portal, proven and deadly, the Ultimate Predator Calls app allows you to bring predators in close using your portable device and blue tooth speaker. No more lugging around heavy and costly electronic callers. Now you will have all you need in the palm of your hand for a fraction of the price.

To learn more about spot and stalk bear hunting, predator calling and other black bear hunting tactics check out “The Ultimate Guide To Black Bear Hunting” or “No Bait Just Bears” available on Amazon.com.