Specific Set Information

In this section, I wanted to describe how to best use each call for specific predators. If you are new to predator calling, this section will hopefully help you out in understanding how to use the sets correctly. Remember, any of these sets could call in any number of predators. The “Best for” is just what I have had the most success on when using that specific call set.

1Cow Elk: This set is the sound of a cow elk when it is slightly irritated or searching for a calf. I have been hunting elk and have heard these calls first hand when cows get separated.  Do not be afraid to mix this sound with that of a distressed calf.  Best for: Bear, cougar, and wolf.
2Lonely Calf: Just as it is described, this is the sound of a lost calf elk, a prime prey for cougar, bear and wolves. This is the first predator call sound that I called in a black bear with. Used in combination with Cow Elk, this can really be deadly.  Best for: Bear, cougar, coyote and wolf.
3Calf Distress: This is a sound of a calf elk that is hurt and slightly frantic. This sound would be good to use near the middle or end of your call session, especially if you started out with the Lonely Calf or Cow Elk. Best for: Bear, cougar coyote and wolf.
4Rabbit Starter: A great way to start off your calling session, used in conjunction with Pup Distress, Coyote Song or Rabbit &Coyote this helps create a scenario where coyotes, bear and bobcats will come and check out. This should be used at the beginning of your set or in the middle. Best for: Coyote, bobcat and bear.
5Rabbit Distress: A good beginning or middle of the set call, it is the sound of a wounded rabbit that is starting to panic. Use in conjunction with Rabbit Starter. Best for: Coyote, bobcat and bear.
6Raspy Rabbit: A nasty, loud screaming rabbit in dire straits, this is a great set for the middle or ending of a set. Used in conjunction with Rabbit Starter and Rabbit Distress, this creates a complete scenario of a wounded rabbit. Best for: Coyote, bobcat, wolf and bear.
7Pup Distress: I have personally had bear come running to this call. Use with any other coyote sound. Best for: Coyote, wolf and bear.
8Coyote Song: A coyote howl that is used to locate a coyote pack or individual. Do not over use. Only use this call once or twice every few minutes at most and mix in any distress call with it. Best for: coyote and wolf.
9Deer and Coyote:This is a combination of sounds of a deer in distress with coyote howls mixed in. Best used for: coyote, wolf and bear.
10Bobcat Meow: An attractive call to persuade those illusive cats to show themselves. Best for: Bobcat, coyote and wolf.
11Rodent Squeaker: A simplistic but effective call to coax in elusive predators. Best for: Fox, bobcat and coyote.
12Rabbit and Coyote: Another scenario set, this has coyote howls and rabbit distress. The combination of the two will help reassure the predators of what is making all the noise. Best for: Coyote, wolf and bear.